Reconfinement and loss of stability in AGN jets

We have explored throught three-dimensional simulations the reconfinement and the loss of stability of jets from Active Galactic Nuclei in a recent publication in Nature Astronomy. The University of Leeds has issued a press release and the result was featured in an article in Newsweek.

An anti-glitch in a magnetar

While several sudden spin-up glitches have been observed in pulsars, usually attributed to superfluid material existing in their crusts and cores, there had not been any robust observations of sudden spin-down events. Robert Archibald from McGill Univerisity identified this unique behaviour in magnetar 1E 2259+586. For a more details you may see the press release by NASA and a more technical description can be found here in the original paper published in Nature.

Hall Attractor

While some neutron stars with strong magnetic fields are very active, some others despite the fact that their magnetic being equally strong are pretty quiet. Simulating the evolution of the magnetic field, we have been able to identify that, no matter what was the structure of the magnetic field was when they were born, they will eventually relax to a particular state, that of the “Hall Attractor”. You may find more in the press release by McGill Univerisity or you can read the original paper puslished in PRL.